Shepherd & Shepherd provide tailored professional development programs and advisory services that build individual capacity to achieve organisational objectives. Based in Sydney and servicing clients internationally and across Australia, Shepherd & Shepherd customise programs to address client-specific business realities and challenges.


All Shepherd & Shepherd group and individual professional development and coaching services involve extensive audio-visual simulations and activities focussing on the specific challenges participants face and the business outcomes they are required to produce.

Shepherd & Shepherd’s experience and research clearly indicates that while adults learn and develop in a variety of ways, real experiential learning and preparation invariably out-performs passive and reactive learning environments. Participants are empowered having discussed, analysed, developed strategy and practised handling real life situations and desired outcomes. Shepherd & Shepherd customised programs take participants “beyond training to real preparation”.

Consulting Services Overview

Shepherd & Shepherd provide consulting services in Professional Development & Training Programs, Executive Coaching & Advisory and Facilitation. Shepherd & Shepherd’s Professional Development & Training Programs are group sessions that generally range between 1 to 2 days duration. These programs focus on 5 core competency areas including Business Presentation Skills, Negotiation Skills, Managing Business Relationships, Media Skills and Supervision & Performance Management. To accommodate time and sensitivity issues, Shepherd & Shepherd also provide individual Executive Coaching & Advisory for senior professional staff. Where clients seek objective and expert group facilitation of important internal and external issues and processes, Shepherd & Shepherd provide Facilitation services to allow clients to focus on substantive facts.