Shepherd & Shepherd was launched in 1987 when Tony Shepherd, a Sydney lawyer and Maree Shepherd, a political research officer and advisor working in Australia's federal parliament decided to develop a new kind of professional development consultancy. Melding skills in law, advocacy, communication, business and strategy, they sought to offer professional development and coaching programs focussing on actual business situations, challenges and realities faced in business and management.

At that time, there was no shortage of training programs and providers, but experience and enquiry showed that most professionals were sceptical of allocating their valuable time to educators who were not practising professionals themselves, or who were often teaching en masse from culturally inappropriate, inflexible models.

Shepherd & Shepherd commenced providing presentation skills training that focussed and prepared professionals for the actual business situations they would face - real financial or corporate reports, business pitches, product launches, seminars, challenging meetings and the like. Stylistic considerations (the way you present) were closely considered alongside the necessary strategy, word selection and design issues directed towards securing specific business outcomes in a presentational setting.

Similarly, with the development of critical negotiation skills, Shepherd & Shepherd began to work closely with each corporate client to build a learning experience and simulations around the real situations participants faced and the real outcomes they needed to produce.

Over the last two decades Shepherd & Shepherd have designed literally hundreds of simulations and case studies on an industry-by-industry, client-by-client basis. This process of consultation, design and delivery is ongoing.

This particular approach has seen Shepherd & Shepherd gain recognition as a specialist international consultancy undertaking development and advisory projects around the world. As lead facilitator, Tony Shepherd regularly undertakes development and coaching sessions for executive and professional groups and individuals in Europe, Asia, U.S.A. and Australia focussing on:

  • the public communication of financial results, corporate directions and initiatives to key publics including clients, shareholders, analysts, media and other stakeholders;
  • investor education and communication programs in financial services sectors;
  • business and client development presentations, tenders and projects;
  • the management and communication of important and sensitive issues such as mergers, restructures and integrations;
  • the negotiation of specific outcomes including sales, purchases, disputes and issues; and
  • the facilitation of objective dialogue with critical or challenging stakeholders and the management of key business relationships.

Clearly, it is this international experience that provides the edge in training and consulting projects undertaken in Australia.

In 1999, having independently consulted to Shepherd & Shepherd for some time, Jennifer Shepherd senior training consultant in Leadership and Management for the ANZ Bank, joined Shepherd & Shepherd. Jennifer has degrees in both Psychology and Adult Education (Human Resources) and over 22 years experience in the design and delivery of professional training and development. In addition to her work with Shepherd & Shepherd Jennifer was employed by the University of Western Sydney as a tutor in Psychology whilst completing her post graduate studies, is an accredited Lifeline Telephone Counsellor and continues to work as a volunteer Crisis Counsellor. Jennifer is involved in consulting, researching and expanding the learning experience offered by Shepherd & Shepherd and in particular in her specialty areas of work place mental health, employee development and leadership.